Andrei Balint

My passion for photography and image lead me to graphic design, this way I turned the things i like to do into a job. Later i took on a challenge and moved towards web space and i learned to code and became web designer. I am eager to learn and improve, always trying out new stuff and i like to solve design problems with creative solutions.

Web Designer

developing and maintaining web applications, wireframing,  coding for web, HTML, CSS, Angular, responsive design, accessibility, online banners

Graphic Designer

logo design, branding, concept, prepress, typography,  outdoor and indoor prints, presentation and promotional materials

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Mes is a car service station for the period technical inspection (ITP).
The business was opened late last year with no presence on the web and now the owner decided he wants to have a website as his physical location was not that easy to find.

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Vobi is a web application developed in paralel with the mobile app for IOS and Android. It required some more coding than other applications i worked on (Angular, Angular CLI , Node.js, Typescript, LESS/SASS, Flex NPM)

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I have been working for 5 years on creatives related to their brand, for the websites that we handled from them and for recruitment.
All the creatives were done initially in English then adapted to other 8 local markets in Europe.

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Club Opinions is a loyalty website that was created for our partner – Accor Hotels.
It was developed in 7 languages, for 9 countries (including China, which was quite challenging).

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This was maybe one of my beloved jobs as working in aviation as designer and photographer was very challenging and it has brought me great satisfaction.

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Iulia Redl - Campaign Marketing Manager at Dynata

I’ve been working with Andrei as part of the Engagement team for more than 4 years now. Andrei is great in web design and very enthusiastic about his work, putting bits of his heart in every creative he delivers. He is a dedicated team player, paying high attention to the details and information provided by our internal clients. I particularly admire Andrei’s positivity and good nature, that always reflects in his work, his resourcefulness and willingness to help. He has a good sense of humor and his friendly way of being makes anyone feel at ease, a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Andrei to anyone. He can be a great asset to any company.

Bianca Bobirca - Marketing department coordinator Carpatair

I had the pleasure to work in the same team with Andrei for almost one year at Carpatair and I can say that he is a dedicated professional, an efficient team player with a special focus on every detail of his work. In every project we developed he managed to communicate efficiently with me and also with other colleagues in order to meet the deadline. Whenever needed he came up with creative solutions that allowed us to reach the milestones in our projects.

Radu Silaghi, CIM Digital(c) MBA MSc - Chief Purchasing & Marketing Officer Artima

I have worked with Andrei in a very busy period for Artima. The company was shortly after the rebranding process, combined with other factors.
He is a dedicated person, hard working and inventive , all without a compromise to quality even when time was was very short.
Thank you Andrei”

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